Marriages, Groups & Seminars

Would you like to enjoy the hospitality of our hotel for your group of friends or colleagues? We can arrange your group stay by providing you with a bespoke package catered to your needs, whether you need a seminar room to hold your meeting or a full package with rooms, events and cuisine. Immerse yourselves in the beauty of our grounds away from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
Avec un peu de recul, mon épouse et moi-même, tenons à vous remercier pour l'excellent accueil que nous avons reçu dans votre établissement et pour la qualité du repas. Ce sentiment est largement partagé par tous nos invités qui ont tous passé une excellente journée et en garderont un excellent souvenir. Soyez en remerciés. M FABRE

Our restaurant can cater for up to 50 persons and we will work with you to provide food catered to your needs.

Wedding Cake Aligot

We can make a cake for your occasion and have Aligot prepared on the premises.

FeastSpit Roas

Make use of our swimming pool area as part of your stay. We can organise a firework display on our grounds.

By the poolFireworks

.. and afterwards dancing to finish off the night or to get it started!